Doi Num Sub
Thai Herbal Ball

The Thai Herbal Ball Product From Knowledge of Community.

Since 1976

Doi Num Sub's Herbal Ball

The proud of Thailand brand, "Doi Num Sub" Thai herbal Ball from local Thai people to international standard. "Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)"

Doi Num Sub's Herbal Balls have been developed and exported to world wide since 1976. Clients and users can trust on quality of our products.

Natural Dyes Weaving Cotton Yarn

Unique quality of natural dyes weaving cotton yarn that produce from natural and safe raw material. It comes from our farm and procedure of care.

Became to Premium of natural products what is wellness for global users.

Natural Ingredients list

Quality ingredients from organic farm on northern on Thailand. Doi Num Sub has been checked by Thai quality standard.

All ingredients that filled in Doi Num Sub Thai Herbal Ball are selected carefully with guaranteed and valued.

Product's Standards

Over 40 years, Doi Num Sub keeps develop products, Thai Herbal Balls to reach Thailand standard, production, organic, OTOP and international standard, GMP.

We have exported to world wide with certified documents.

Our Global Clients

Doi Num Sub' Thai Herbal Balls have been exported to USA, Europe, Middle Eest, Japan and more over 20 countries around the world.

Business Ethics

“ Doi Num Sub “ The Art and Heritage of Thai folk wisdom
A Simple Thing is Definitely Perfect

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How to Order

If you would like to order our Thai herbal ball products over 100 pieces. Please email your enquiry to

Our sales team will support you with trade prices and import-export documents. Including how to contact relevant departments.